6 Best Rosé Champagnes To Toast Your Valentine

6 Best Rosé Champagnes To Toast Your Valentine

The Korda brothers of mid-20th-century movie fame (producer Alexander, director Zoltan, and art director Vincent) loved Champagne. They drank a lot of it, too, though they regarded champagne glasses as chi-chi, preferring to drink their fizz out of jam jars.

I wouldn’t try this trick on your Valentine, though, unless you want to find the entire fixture canceled due to stormy weather, and yourself deemed surplus to requirements and returned to the shelf.

Presentation, at least for some people if not the Kordas, is as much a part of the pleasure of drinking Champagne as what’s in the bottle and, about a couple of generations ago the elegant, and far more practical, flute began to replace the ridiculous coupe.

Now the wheel’s turning again, and for good reason: the trouble is, the flute is too narrow to appreciate the full aroma and taste of the wine, so these days the trend is towards a more traditionally shaped wine glass like this Riedel Veritas Champagne Wine ($65/pair).

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